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8 Canopy Ideas For Your Home


It’s hard to find more than one purpose for a room, with these canopies however, you can change the function along with the seasons.

‍Although a lot of the functions listed in this blog are combinable, jumbling everything together might not be suitable for your home, the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve for an event, your business or your family.

‍You should know that the limitation of the function that these canopies can serve are limited to our creativity, our clients have consistently surprised us with what they have done to fulfill their needs.

‍Hopefully the ideas listed below, will help you see the various ways in which a canopy/veranda can benefit you.


If you don’t need the garage for storing things, then a canopy can be a great cover for your automobiles, parts of it can be closed and on the other side, the one which you wish to enter and exit through, can be kept open.


The Canopy/Veranda can be a great spot for you to establish your sport equipment in, use the space for some high intensity drills or even unfold the yoga mat. If you wish we can add special curtains which close up with a click of a button, this way the neighbors won’t be able to accidently peep. 

Work Area:

‍You might consider using the Canopy as a work area, which might not be a bad idea during the warm season, another thing you can do if you wish to use it as a work area throughout all the seasons is fit infra-red heating lamps, this way you will always be able to access it for work in case it ends up getting too cold during winter.

Maybe you work as a beauty therapist, this could provide you with the perfect area and atmosphere to invite your clients to.

Outside Area For Entrance:

Some of these functions might be obvious just in case it’s worth mentioning that you could get creative with decorating your entrance with a nice canopy, since we offer completely custom builds. It enables you to get creative and build the perfect entrance for your home.

Outside Area For Back Garden:

Canopy/Verandas are a great touch for a back garden, and it allows you to switch up its functions throughout the year however you want. When it comes to the back garden the possibilities are endless, from the perfect chill-zone to the dream barbecue area constantly accessible even during the rain, it could also be the perfect area to hold any important meetings or just another room for the pets of the house, the possibilities are only limited by our creativity.

Dining Area:

Hold special events, use it to provide a outside-experience for your customers in a cafe/restaurant, these canopies/verandas can serve as a outside shelter for your pub or B&B, and lets not forget that the modern production of this type of canopy presents a fancy aesthetic that could potentially provide the perfect outside area for a hotel.

Resting Chamber:

This product can serve as a perfect resting area or a chill zone, from which you can call and catch up with your friends and family, enjoy the beautiful view – if you have one – from wherever you decide for us to build it, or have a family sleepover and chill under the stars of the night sky.

Study Area:

Is it the Exams season? Set up an area for your kids where they can be outdoors and study. Studying can be difficult. We think we all know that, and a room full of distractions doesn’t help.

It could also be a study area for you, or it could be the perfect spot for homeschooling if that’s something you value.


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