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ALU-GLASS/FRAME: Whats The Difference?

What’s The Difference Between Alu-Frame & Alu-Glass?

‍The Difference Can Be Pointed Out By Showing An Example Of Each:





The first picture shows what an ALU-GLASS enclosed canopy looks like and the second displays the ALU-FRAME option.

We recommend that you choose to enclose the whole canopy with sliding segments, because the price of stationary and sliding segments does not differ. So, unless you have some kind of need for stationary segments you might as well go for the sliding option

What are some of the differences?


Apart from the glass itself being 10mm thick the ALU-GLASS option has a different type of running track which is anodized and made up of 3-4 individual tracks, and the glass doors can be opened in any direction as each “sliding-door” is independent of the other doors.

This means that the door which you have closed to one side can be slid to the other end without interfering with other doors or being constricted by them.

The glass sheets also come with stainless steel handles. Overall the purpose of this type of enclosure for your Veranda is to maximize the aesthetic appeal.


 Unlike the ALU-GLASS option, the glass is 5mm thick, the running track is made up of 2-3-4 individual running tracks and the doors are co-dependent.

Codependency of doors in this case means, when sliding the doors, whether closing or opening the doors will move with each other, close one door you are also moving the whole set of doors on that side of the Veranda.


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