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Custom Canopies: Just A Canopy Or A Chance To Share?

We’ve been having a lot of success in one of our few missions – providing the client with the ability to fully customise their canopy/veranda – which has brought a lot of excitement for everyone, and its made the marketing quite all the more difficult!

All of those involved in our effort have been proud and HAPPY about some of the few projects that have recently come in, which have challenged our manufacturers to the point of them exclaiming “you and your projects”.

Them saying this jokingly means that there’s room to go further, all of that comes down to your creativity!

so lets take a look at some of the major things you need to know that you can do for your home garden shelter.

Customise The Canopy Beyond The Standard Options

when we say all of our projects are custom, not only meaning that their sizes are all different, but we are also trying to say that you can literally do whatever it is you’d like!

There might be some projects we wouldn’t do only because it may not be a good idea, as most of our enquiries go through the lads who’ve been in the construction industry for more than 20 years we would give you an honest response and most likely offer you a complimentary idea, so pose your idea like these few clients have.

Custom Canopy #1 The Unique Roof Cover Design



The Curved Roof


Although we don’t encourage it, this really does give you a chance to show off to the neighbors or anyone passing by, it is not often you see this design, because it’s not easy to pull off!

But thanks to our manufacturers will and confidence they managed to design the parts in such a way as to make this client’s roof design a reality.

  • The Length Of The Rafters
  • Their Holding Positions
  • The Cutting Of The Glass

All of that requires precision which you’ve got to be bold enough to pull off.

how bold are you with your design idea?


Custom Canopy #2 The Unique Shelter Design


Non Standard Canopy Model


you might be familiar with our standard options being “Closed”, “Enclosed” or “Semi-Open”:


‍The point of the picture above is to show you that you are not limited to these models, there’s more that can be done, the question is how far are you willing to explore your options?

We encourage you to look at some of the inspiration whether from some of the projects which we have done or through other sources online such as ‘Pinterest’ or anything else that you think will help you think about what is the best design for you.

Custom Canopy #3 The Custom Blinds Providing Shade

Garden Canopy Clear Glass And Manual Blinds


Before, we were only able to enable our clients with Shade from the sun under these beautiful and enduring canopies via opal glass/polycarbonate.

Now we allow the client to combine the clear glass option with blinds such as these(with different colour options which could be automatic or manual), allowing the client to have access to the beautiful skies/landscapes of Ireland AND stay cool under the protection of the roof during those HOT summer months.

If you’ve got this far into the blog we might as well mention something not yet officially announced by our marketing team:

we are now able to allow you to have blinds which can act like the doors you see placed into the frame of the canopies.

YES you can have automatic blinds which when they go up they open up your canopy as if it were an “Open” model but whenever you want to, with the click of a button, these automatic blinds can go down like a wall, you can see outside but no one will be able to see inside maximising your privacy! If you are interested in something like this you can mention this to one of our sales team members and they will let you know more about whats available.

You Are Not Limited To Standard Canopy Model/Designs

The point of this blog is simple,

you are not limited to a standard canopy option!

you can achieve whatever you like

it just takes creativity and the right team!

We hope that we can be that for you



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