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Design Your Own Canopy/Veranda


Get a canopy that completely complements your home, your shed, the colour of your doors, windows, walls etc. The size, the makeup, the colour, the roof material, side glazing, and blinds for the enclosure or roof are the options which will enable you to create the perfect canopy for your home, the way you want it.

This post mentions all that you need to know when it comes to these canopies, it should be noted that it doesn’t mean we cannot work outside the box, share your idea with us and we will see what we can do.


The size of the canopy is fully dependent on your needs, just give us the area and let us measure it for you. When it comes to the size we do highly recommend thinking about the functions that your canopy/veranda will serve.


The canopy is made form High-quality aluminium profile, which is especially strong, we have two forms:

–         Normal

–         ExtraStrong

In case you are wondering, normal will suffice you plenty.

However, if you want to go the extra mile it is recommended to get Extra Strong, in the case of you wishing to save money you can invest into a normal aluminium profile and still expect the same results, modern technologies have come a long way and you will not need to worry about the strength of the material.


If you wish for a more enclosed, less windy or more private space, we offer you enclose the canopy with side walls or fully enclose it on all sides. In that case, we offer stationary or stationary segments which can be framed or frameless.

Roof Cover:

We have a range of materials when it comes to the roof, there are three standard types in regards to the appearance of the materials:

–         Clear

–         Opal

–         Bronze

Bronze wasn’t really recommended because it has died out in terms of choice.

However, you should know that we can provide other types when it comes to appearance, for example, reflective or decorative glass, simply inquire and we will see what we can do for you!

In terms of roof Materials there are two:

–         DuctPolycarbonate

–         TemperedSafety Glass

Apart from the points of difference, we will mention below, one general point to take home is that the price is not drastically different between the two, another thing to consider is the slope of the roof, slope can drastically affect the appearance of your Canopy/Veranda.


–         16mmduct polycarbonate

– The ends of the sheet are covered with an aluminium film as well as an air permeable tape, which prevents loss of the sheets’ clarity over time.

– Fix the sheets to the roof, we use special “rubber-spacers” which help preserve the sheets as well as prevent the inside from accumulating moisture, dirt and so on.

–         So, when in need the sheet is very easy to change.


–         8mmglass sheets.

– Since the appearance of the material has been mentioned one special quality to highlight is; in the case of where the glass crashes, it doesn’t shatter; the inside consists of a small film preserving its integrity

Frame Colours:

Don’t just go for our basic colour options which are:

–         Gray

–         Brown

–         White

If there isa particular colour of your home that you wish to match, then you can easily do so as we offer you the opportunity to choose from any RAL Colour simply check them up or ask us to show you to make your choice.

You should know that the frames are painted only using a powder method, you can choose between a smooth surface or a fuzzed surface

Gutters And Fittings:

When it comes to fittings, we are limited to stainless steel fittings

The gutters are integrated in a way in which they are hidden, the water collection point is attached to a pipe which leads down inside one of the columns, the column is then led through a hole at the bottom, through which water can escape.

This preserves the elegance of the canopy, giving it that flawless modern feel.

Comfort & Privacy:

One beautiful idea which you should consider are infrared heating ray lights, outside of that you can also create a more private atmosphere for your canopy by adding blinds which you can open and close with a click of a button, either for the sides or the ceiling.


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