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DUBLIN: Free Ticket To Self Build LIVE

What’s Happening?

All things Renovation, home and self build!

there will be a dozen businesses like ourselves gathering, to showcase their product and service seeking to help enable you to take the comfort of your home to the next level! Experts from all around the country will be gathering to share their advice, there will be talks and a special area will be made for “Modern Building System”, all visitors will literally have access advice on, planning, finance, energy tech, building, roofing and it doesn’t stop there.

What Are WE Doing?


We are breaking ground, we are introducing an innovation, a self standing model of our Veranda will be present and ready for you to engage with, you will have the opportunity to feel the materials for yourself and if you really like it, then you should know that we are going to be selling it right after the show to whomever claims it first!

Yes our constructions are completely deconstructable so you could even move it between your houses if you have that pleasure!

Interested? then get your free ticket here!



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