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Is It Hard To Clean A Canopy/Veranda?

Is It Hard To Clean A Canopy/Veranda?

A quick note: we are not promoting any of the products referred in this blog, the purpose of this blog is to solely give some insight for our customers/potential buyers in how they can look after their canopy.

Cleaning a canopy depends on two things:

  • The Tools You Have
  • Mindset You Have
  • Know What You Need To Clean.

Cleaning your Veranda/Canopy is necessary just as it is necessary to clean your home, to attempt and hide this fact would be not only dishonest but foolish. However you don’t need to do it as often as it seems. The only maintenance it requires to ensure you have less problems is to make sure to clean the gutter at least once as year, preferably after the autumn season, when all the leaves have fallen.

One of our Tik Tok videos went a little viral and we have attracted some haters, and we all know how quick they are in expressing their concerns, consider this:

You should know that it’s not a good idea to settle for a strong opinion of one person, as one of my personal favorite sayings goes: 

“Hold Strong Opinions Loosely”.

Unfortunately, we live in an age where people settle for someone’s strong emotional-know-it-all opinion rather than doing their own separate research, so what we have done for you in this blog is research some of the best ways in how you can make cleaning your canopy take up less time and be less effort consuming.


The Tools You Could Use To Clean Your Canopy/Veranda:

Extended Handle Glass Brush

We Don’t Own The Rights For This Image


This requires more effort and time but you pay less, this is a very traditional way of cleaning your windows and the same can be done for your canopy/veranda.

Simply pour some water over your canopy and let all the dirt soak up the water or simply clean right after the rain has stopped in your area. We recommend the latter unless you have a garden hose.


Automatic Robot Cleaner

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This little bad boy will save you a lot of time and effort, as you can imagine.

The device attaches to your glass, so you can clean from above or below, the material used doesn’t damage the glass and the robot acts just like a robotic hoover, you charge it and let it go, for more information do check out more information on their site.

Although this seems like an extra investment it is very affordable! Especially for the amount of time that you will save.



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