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The Transformation: Client Case Study

The Green Sanctuary:

This canopy has come a long way, if one were to look at the initial photo and compare it with the last one it would be hard to come to the conclusion that this is the same project.

After sometime the clients got our blinds, both automatic and manual, this enabled them to limit the amount of light coming into the living space, perfect to be able to have some shade during those sunny days.


Wide Open Space

A huge 5.5m x 4.2m space, does not only feel large when you compare it to the squad inside but it opens up a gorgeous view of the sky above and the client has captured it perfectly.



One Of The Firsts:

This set up is a clear example of the various ways in which you can set up your veranda, why not fit a TV? Watch some games in your own space or have a movie night with the family.


Your Special Space

Some of us have developed more romantically than others, and the limited space within the house is ruining the atmosphere that we try so hard to develop for ourselves and our partners, here is a beautiful example of what our customer has done with their canopy to spice up their lives.






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