DUBLIN: Free Ticket To Self Build LIVE

What’s Happening? All things Renovation, home and self build! there will be a dozen businesses like ourselves gathering, to showcase their product and service seeking to help enable you to take the comfort of your home to the next level! Experts from all around the country will be gathering to share their advice, there will be […]

The Transformation: Client Case Study

The Green Sanctuary: This canopy has come a long way, if one were to look at the initial photo and compare it with the last one it would be hard to come to the conclusion that this is the same project. After sometime the clients got our blinds, both automatic and manual, this enabled them […]

Galway Showroom Open: All You Need To Know

Where Will I Find It? The showroom will be found at Unit 20, Town Park House, Town Park Centre, Tuam Road, Galway and is now available to openly visit Monday – Friday 09:00 – 17:00 Saturday 10:00 – 16:00 and Sunday 11:00 – 15:00. Tuam road is generally a traffic heavy road during work days, best times to visit may be during inbetween […]

Wont I Get Condensation In The Canopy?

Will There Be Condensation In My Canopy? “LONG STORY SHORT” ‍if you don’t have the appropriate foundation you will get condensation, the diagram should illustrate as simple as it is. if you do get a canopy and you don’t have a concrete slab foundation you should invest in one. this will maximise comfort, utility and improve the […]

Custom Canopies: Just A Canopy Or A Chance To Share?

We’ve been having a lot of success in one of our few missions – providing the client with the ability to fully customise their canopy/veranda – which has brought a lot of excitement for everyone, and its made the marketing quite all the more difficult! All of those involved in our effort have been proud […]

“What Will A Canopy Do For Me?”

The Perfect Place There is no doubt that one can do A LOT with their canopy, adjust it however they wish during which ever season, or the homeowners may want to change up their lifestyle and go from a chillzone to a work-out area. one thing that can be said for sure is that if you […]

Shade And Clear Glass | Is It Possible?

Shade Is No Longer Restricted To Opal Glass/Poly-Carbonate. We now offer blinds with various colours, manual and automatic. You can now go for the clear glass roof material and at the same time install blinds which will allow you to have shade in those hot summer months! Close However You Wish   Or Fully Close […]

Is It Hard To Clean A Canopy/Veranda?

Is It Hard To Clean A Canopy/Veranda? A quick note: we are not promoting any of the products referred in this blog, the purpose of this blog is to solely give some insight for our customers/potential buyers in how they can look after their canopy. Cleaning a canopy depends on two things: The Tools You […]

ALU-GLASS/FRAME: Whats The Difference?

What’s The Difference Between Alu-Frame & Alu-Glass? ‍The Difference Can Be Pointed Out By Showing An Example Of Each: ALU-GLASS Option   ALU-FRAME Option   The first picture shows what an ALU-GLASS enclosed canopy looks like and the second displays the ALU-FRAME option. We recommend that you choose to enclose the whole canopy with sliding […]

The Ultimate Homeowner’s Guide For A Veranda/Canopy In Ireland

What will be discussed in this blog? Expanding On The Functions That The Canopy/Veranda Can Serve Become Aware Of How The Orientation Affects Your Decision Explore What Is Necessary Before The Build Look Through The Materials Available.   Expanding On The Functions That The Canopy/Veranda Can Serve There are numerous things that one can do […]