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Looking to transform your outdoor space? Our premium canopies and verandas redefine the way you experience and enjoy the open air. From tailored sizes to robust construction and customisable materials, our solutions bring unparalleled style and functionality to your residence or business.

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Experience & Expertise

With 200+ successful projects across Ireland, our expert team delivers innovative solutions. Rely on our expertise, free consultations, and seamless installations.


No space is too big or small; we customise canopies and verandas to your exact specifications.

Robust Construction

Our structures are built to last, using high-quality aluminium profiles that demand minimal maintenance.

Customisable Materials & Colors

Choose from versatile roofing options, including polycarbonate or safety glass, and paint your canopy frames in any RAL colour.

Canopies that Redefine Open-air Elegance

Tailored to your specifications, our canopies offer versatile roof cover options, including polycarbonate or safety glass. With automated or manual blinds, stainless steel fittings, and a robust aluminium profile, maintenance is minimal. Choose from a range of RAL colours for a personalised touch. Our canopies redefine outdoor living, providing shelter that seamlessly blends sophistication with practicality.

Key Characteristics

Custom Verandas for Sophisticated Garden Rooms

Offering a watertight roof in various sizes, shapes, and colours, our verandas provide a sophisticated extension to your residence. From partially closed to fully enclosed options, our verandas offer versatility to suit your vision, allowing you to seamlessly integrate outdoor charm with your home. Crafted with precision, they become an integral part of your living space, promising longevity and a defect-free extension to your home.

Key Characteristics

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What Our Clients Say


How does the process of getting a bespoke veranda or canopy work?
To begin, simply share your desired specifications and ideas through our catalogue, or let us come to you for a personalised consultation. Once the deposit is paid, we kickstart the process. We provide sketches before production, keep you updated on the progress, and coordinate a convenient day for the installation. Finally, you get to live and enjoy your tailored veranda, canopy, or orangery, arranged to suit your lifestyle and home.
Will my veranda/canopy withstand tough winds?
Yes, we are a new business; however, with over 100 clients, we had no issues with our canopies or verandas having to fly away! With an appropriate foundation, the right brackets and screws, there won’t be any need to worry about such a thing from occurring. Should you be right beside the coast, we can manufacture specially designed reinforcements for your structure without significant additions to the overall investment cost if you feel that you need that extra sense of safety for your area.
Are the verandas/canopies waterproof?
Yes, they are 100% waterproof. We use special tape to prevent condensation inside our poly-carbonate roofing material and fit in special rubber on our rafters so that any water that approaches the canopy/veranda is properly redirected into the gutter. You should also know that the canopy rafters are designed to redirect the water flow by themselves, so even without the rubber, the water flows in a directed way.
Do I need planning permission?
Planning permission is not required as a Veranda is not a room and can be classed as a removable structure. Anything above 3.5 m in height would require planning permission, for anything beyond these details, we always encourage our clients to get in touch with their county council as different counties can slightly differ on regulations.
Do you offer installation services?
Yes, we do the whole thing for you. From the manufacturing to doing whatever needs to be done to set the structure up! If a client were to do it themselves, we would have to exclude the construction warranty. For more information, please check our warranty policy.

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