Terms & Conditions

What we Provide:

Aluminium structures provided by “Homely Natural Solutions” are high-quality, sturdy, durable, comfortable, stylish.

The variety of shapes, sizes, colours, glazing and other options allows every client to choose the product that best suits their needs. We offer both custom and standard design products up to 80 sq. m. in size.

We offer our clients what we would like to purchase for our own home garden. The aluminium profiles of our products are powder coated according to the international quality standards Qualitcoat(link to them: https://www.qualicoat.net/main/home.html)

The factory production process of terrace roofs, greenhouses and orangeries is certified by the European quality standard EN 1090-1, 3 (CE) while also following the international quality management standard ISO 9001: 2015.


Delivery conditions

We guarantee that at the time of shipment your product is free from defects in materials and workmanship.

Please notify us (at hnsolutions.info@gmail.com) within 24 hours of receipt of the product if your shipment is damaged.

If “Homely Natural Solutions Ltd.” determines that there was a defect in the product sold to you, we will replace the element of the product free of charge. In the most unfortunate event that this may happen, after this period we are unable to honour a warranty claim.

Once the deposit has gone through and the manufacturing finishes, we deliver the product to you.

In normal circumstances when the project is ready for construction our products are prepared onto our Van(s) and will be delivered by:

i). Our construction teams.

ii). Our couriers


Delivery Duration

Homely Natural Solutions Ltd acknowledges that delivery times may be unpredictable as the items are being ordered in from abroad there are many potential reasons for delay, therefore Homely Natural Solutions aims to deliver and install the product within 3 months.

All goods ordered will be delivered within 2-3 months of receiving the order.

In the unusual case that we cannot deliver within this time, Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. will inform you and arrange another time for delivery and construction.



We register orders for production upon receipt of pre-payment (the deposit) of the total amount indicated in the final quotation. Remaining payment shall be made before the structure is fully built.

We accept bank transfer as form of payment. Company info:

Name: Homely Natural Solutions Ltd.

Reg No.: 658340

VAT No.: 3653135VH

Address: UNIT 20, Town Park Centre, Tuam Rd, Galway, H91 E6HY, Ireland

Bank Name: AIB

IBAN: IE42AIBK93743633075075


Note that our quotations are valid for 7 days after which a quotation will need to be recalculated in the case of increased/decreased material, shipping or market prices.


Rights obligatory to the user:

The site content or imagery may not be used in any way without the permission of Homely Natural Solutions Ltd.

Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to:

(i) Update these Terms and Conditions upon giving you a notice in advance

(ii) Decline services to any individual

Your statutory rights are not affected.


Retention of title

The goods shall remain the property of Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. until full payment is made.


Damage during delivery

For consumer explained in ‘Delivery conditions.

For traders the risks of all factors pertaining to the condition of the goods will transfer to the trader once we have submitted the item for delivery.


Warranty/guarantees and Cancellation.

Please keep in mind that the ’14-day cooling off period’ does not apply for all purchases, the relevant one in this case being:  “goods made to order or clearly personalised” with Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. Before engaging in the transaction please double check your priority for purchasing a bespoke product.

Homely Natural Solutions issues the following warranty for outdoor structures* designed and provided by the company upon receiving the final payment:


12-year manufacturer‘s warranty for replacement of structural elements with manufacturing defect and/or insufficient quality assembly elements. Aluminium structures are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the CE standard 1090-3.


The manufacturer guarantees that all glass sheets are of required dimensions, material – without defects. Tempered glass retains its essential properties for many years, i.e. as long as it is not damaged/broken.


The manufacturer guarantees that all polycarbonate sheets are of required dimensions, material – without defects. 10-year manufacturer’s warranty for 10 mm and 16 mm polycarbonate sheets against loss of essential colour, light transmission and strength properties due to the influence of the normal natural environment conditions.

The polycarbonate sheets must be installed and maintained in accordance with the assembly, use and maintenance instructions for the purchased product.

Powder coating.

2-year warranty on powder coated construction parts (see Recommendations for care of coated aluminium). The warranty does not cover flexible parts of the structure, damage to the structure or glazing due to strong wind 21 m / s, heavy snow or other extreme environmental conditions.

Construction Warranty.

2-year warranty on construction, upon finishing the construction Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. must wait for harsher weather conditions to find faults, if any, in the construction of The Solar roof. Faults include anything which cause the product to fail its promised function such as having a water-tight ceiling. In such a case we will arrange a time with you to fix the fault as promptly as we can.

Should the product not be assembled or worked around by Homely Natural Solutions, we do not cover any damage to the structure or/and glazing due to improper transportation, handling, storage, assembly, use or maintenance.

To care well for the product, we advise: excess snow from the roof must be removed. Before or during the storm the windows and doors of the structure must be tightly closed. Regular cleaning maintenance ensures that the essential characteristics of the product remain unchanged for a long time.

Repairs to the product during the warranty period do not extend the original warranty period.

Detailed warranties and instructions for the assembly, maintenance and care of greenhouses, terrace roofs, verandas (in EN, PL, RU, LT, LV, EE languages) are provided in the packaging of each product.

It is necessary to keep the original invoice, assembly, maintenance instruction and follow the provisions specified therein for the entire warranty period.

Please keep your order number so that we can provide this service without any hesitation.

Outside of the Warranty Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. makes it their priority to help the client in whatever other way we can if it is within our expertise/ability to do so.



If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product purchased from Homely Natural Solutions, contact the company. Present the invoice, specify the type of the product and defect, attach images and/or video record clearly showing the problem, as part of company culture Homely Natural Solutions Ltd. aims to resolve whatever it can for their clients to get the best out of the tailored product.

This includes any of our products: Greenhouses Ventus, Magna, Juna, Victoria, Murus, Ringo, Tetra, Ovalia, terrace roofing systems Solar Roof, terrace  glazing systems ALU-FRAME, ALU-FRAME.


Online dispute resolution

The European Commission provides a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) which can be accessed at https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. We are ready to participate in extra-judicial dispute settlement proceedings before a consumer dispute resolution body.

Customer Overseas

Being an Irish based company, we charge in Euros. This means that if you are using a different currency the amount that you pay will vary depending upon the exchange rate at the time that your transaction is taking place, outside of this, prices may change from time to time due to the material prices shifting within the market itself.



Our prices include VAT depending on the party/individual purchasing the goods.