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“What Will A Canopy Do For Me?”

The Perfect Place

There is no doubt that one can do A LOT with their canopy, adjust it however they wish during which ever season, or the homeowners may want to change up their lifestyle and go from a chillzone to a work-out area.

one thing that can be said for sure is that if you live in a beautiful location with a lot of greenery you can capture the best of nature’s views and capture it within your home!

take the above photo for example, this home is surrounded by greenery and with the ALU-GLASS sliding doors and as a result the amazing elements/nature are captured from within the extension/canopy/ceranda.



Capturing The Irish Plains


Capturing Irish Plains From Within The Canopy


With such a canopy it is the perfect area to move to for food with the family at any time of the day! moving such activities to the canopy/veranda rather than keeping them in the house allows you to do somehting different with the rest of the space you may have in the kitchen, a library perhaps? you can imagine for yourself!

The Perfect Chillzone

Our customer turned this:

Private And Relaxing


Into this:


Creativity At It’s Finest.



A TV within the canopy?

Yes it is one of the most amazing ideas we’ve seen, the client called us asking: ” would it be alright to drilling into the column”

we replied: “of course”

and soon afterwards he had sent us this photo, fair play to him. Images as such really give us a smile because of the things our clients have done for themselves, watching them enjoy our work like this, is uplifting to say the least.


Open Relaxing Area


So as you can see the canopy can be turned into whatever you like, wether open or closed it’s all down to preference and if you really wanted to see for yourself well you can always invest in an open canopy first and then later add the doors for it if you feel the need for them!



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